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Rice Is a symbol of life and fertility

RICE is a symbol of life and fertility, which is why rice is traditionally thrown at weddings. It is associated with prosperity and the Hindu god of wealth, Lakshmi. The people of India live on rice. There are over 200,000 species of rice cultivating in the Indian soil. An average person in India consumes almost 100 kgs of rice annually. The benefits reaped from every grain of pure rice is unparallel. Instant bursts of energy spring from its rich carbohydrate source is what we need to fuel our fast-paced lives. Protein-enriched in nature that helps restore and build tissues for muscle recovery and develop a robust immunity. Other benefits include its ability to boost skin health, increase the metabolism, aid in digestion, reduce high blood pressure, help weight loss, improve the immune system and provide protection against cancer, and heart diseases. Rice does not have sodium or cholesterol and barely any fat. It is naturally gluten-free.
We are engaged with farmers to develop farm-to-consumer model, so that, you can fill baskets with fresh products directly from the farm.


Sona Masoori is an exceedingly prominent variation of white rice. It is meticulously refined, polished, and stripped off its bran and germ. Enhancing its cooking quality, shelf life, and flavour. Sona masoori is a hybrid of two different rice species( Sona and Masoori), and it has intricately embodied the optimal features of both varieties. It is simply digestible and suitable for weight loss. The hybrid is low on starch and is easier to cook. This sweet-smelling and lightweight variation of sheer white rice delivers you an unforgettable stream of flavouring.


Brown rice is also synonymously known as the World's healthiest rice, and for all the right reasons. Typically, white rice variations have their bran and germ removed that happen to be the most nutritious part of the grain. However, Brown rice is an intact whole grain that hasn't had its wholesome bran and germ stripped off - making it an outstanding source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to the body. Whole grains such as brown rice have a myriad of long-term benefits to our health. -- Improves blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and obesity -- Contains several heart-healthy components -- Eating high-fiber rice as a replacement for white rice encourages weight loss and alleviates cholesterol levels People with diabetes can extensively benefit from this type of rice, all thanks to its low glycemic index. This means that it digests more slowly, causing a gentler and more gradual change in blood sugar with no sudden spikes in the sugar levels.

This resplendent variety of rice gets its intense red colour from its anthocyanins content. Anthocyanins possess antidiabetic, anticancer, antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-obesity properties. This rice is unhulled or partially hulled, and has a blood-red husk, unlike brown rice. Its authentic nutty flavour colonizes your palate. You can indulge in red rice without worrying about your weight as it has zero fat content. Red Rice is abundant in iron and vitamin, which together improve the production of RBC (red blood cells) in our body, an indispensable element for healthy skin. The antioxidants help in combating free radicals which shield our skin from premature ageing. It is also rich in manganese and hence, highly recommended for patients with diabetes. Red rice has  10  times  more antioxidants than brown rice.


Navara Rice

Navara rice is one of the last few types of ancient rice found in India, and has its origin from Kerala. It's benefits are good for people with diabetes Helps to improve immune system helps in digestion and improves metabolism .
Helps in curing rheumatoid arthritis Improves RBCs count, and helps in curing Anemia strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis, It's Organic and Non GMO Rice

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