The Queen



There are two properties of cooking oils that matter most

Smoke point: The temperature at which the fats begin to break down and turn into smoke
Oxidative stability: How resistant the fats are to reacting with oxygen.
Fat Content: It is important to choose cooking fats that are stable when heated, as some oils canform carcinogenic compounds during cooking. Olive oil is 73% monounsaturated, 11% polyunsaturated and 14% saturated. In other words, the heat-resistant monounsaturated and saturated fats make up 87% of olive oil.
Antioxidants: High in Antioxidants and Vitamin E
Oxidative Damage: When an oil oxidizes, it reacts with oxygen and forms various harmful compounds. Olive oil holds up well during heating due to its high anti oxidant and low polyun saturated fat content
In conclusion it's not only an excellent cooking oil, but it is also one of the healthiest. So try for yourself to use this healthy oil in as many ways as possible and share your wonderful experiences with it.

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Her beauty, that which by far surpassed all mortals.

The claim may be used only for olive oils, containing at least 250 mg of polyphenols or hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol or their deri vatives per 1 Kg of olive oil and the beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 20 gr of olive oil. Our Oilve Oil "The Queen" has more than the stipulated amount of 250 mg polyphenols / 1Kg. One of the Best Olive Oils you can buy. From the kingdom of courage and valour, in the deadly chill of November, the golden pod stands ripe, adorning the valley that stands bright.
As the folklore echoes Helen “The Queen” of Sparta, Revered for her beauty.
Nourished her body and soul with it's golden drops in it's pristine form, pampering her voluptuous self. With the freshness that drips over like the honey from the clover. Her body gleamed as she faced the sun, inspiring artists and poets of all times to paint and praise