We have Orange Blossoms

If you like to revoke the child in you and go on a light subtle tangy aftertaste.

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Rare and Eternal! If you have a taste to some exotic unexplored taste palate, then this is it. It's like caramelized butter.

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If you want to just go with the flow. Greece and Thyme are synonyms to each other. So! This is obviously the most popular Honey flavour from Greece.

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Want to go with something you are used to, then this is it.

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All these from the mountains of Greece.
All are natural flavours.
That means they constitute 50% above pollen from that particular species of plant or flower.
No artificial infusions
All our Honey's are procured from places that have pristine climate and no human pollution within 5 KM radius of our beehives. This is how they are different.