Smiling Senses

"Smiling Senses " as the name suggests was started with a motto to bring smile on to your senses. What else could be more appropriate in this time of distress, anxiety and adulteration. Food is the source of our life and it should be well so. Not otherwise ! Everything that we eat is not what it appears to be. We wanted to find a solution to this. We did not have to think much to get that. We thought that we would just put in that effort to care for ourselves and our loved ones. This brought in like minded people Ms. Kripa Desai and Mr. Vallabha Kudaravalli together into forming this company, putting in collective efforts with the passion to source the best products with finest quality and health benefits from India and across the globe. A business with a heart and philosophy to make people Smile by pampering their Senses.

Our strength lies in our strong contacts and hold in Europe. We have built the trust and faith over the years with our suppliers in different countries.

We are engaged with farmers to develop farm-to-consumer model, so that, you can fill baskets with fresh products directly from the farm.