Smiling Senses


" Smiling Senses " as the name suggests was started with a motto to bring smile on to your senses. What else could be more appropriate in this time of distress, anxiety and adulteration. Food is the source of our life and it should be well so. Not otherwise ! Everything that we eat is not what it appears to be. We wanted to find a solution to this. We did not have to think much to get that. We thought that we would just put in that effort to care for ourselves and our loved ones. This brought in like minded people Ms Kripa Desai and Vallabha Kudaravalli together into forming this company, putting in collective efforts with the passion to source the best products with finest quality and health benefits from India and across the globe. A business with a heart and philosophy to make people Smile by pampering their Senses.

Our strength lies in our strong contacts and hol d in Europe. We have built the trust and faith over the years with our suppliers in different countries.

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Our Products

Extra virgin Oil

With the freshness that drips over like the honey from the clover.Olives are A symbol of prosperity,immortality, fertility and uphoria. Olive oil is extremely healthy.


Orange Blossom Honey

If you like to revoke the child in you and go on a light subtle tangy aftertaste.


Forest Honey

Want to go with something you are used to, then this is it.All these from the mountains of Greece


Flowers and Thyme

If you want to just go with the flow. Greece and Thyme are synonyms to each other. So! This is obviously the most popular Honey flavour from Greece.


Heather Honey

Rare and Eternal! If you have a taste to some exotic unexplored taste palate, then this is it. It's like caramelized butter.


A2 Milk

What is the substitute to Mother's Milk ? Yes, its A2 Cow's Milk. Start your day with a glass full of health. A2 milk is enriched with Casein proteins to boost your energy and immune system.


A2 Ghee

Is made from milk of Desi Breed of cows like Kankrej, Gir, Rathi, Tarparkar, Ongole among the top Indian breeds.



The benefits reaped from every grain of pure rice is unparallel. The benefits reaped from every grain of pure rice is unparallel.



Direct from Farmers

We are engaged with farmers to develop farm-to-consumer model, so that, you can fill baskets with fresh products directly from the farm.

Products to cater to Sense of Taste

  • Healthy Breakfast Cereals made from choice of fruits and millets
  • Nutritional Bars
  • Edible Oils like Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Organic Honey
  • Sensory defying Artisan Chocolates

Products to cater to Sense of Touch

  • Pure organic Soaps in varieties to choose from.
  • Sunscreen lotion - ( Anti ageing / anti pollution )
  • Body scrubs

Products tocater to Sense of Sight

  • Finest Fashion Clothing line from the best fashion designers
  • Paintings from the finest and artistic painters


Let's Chat

We strongly believe in communicating, conversation and sharing. We welcome feedback with open arms, whether appreciation or improvisation, if it comes from our esteemed customers, we are more than happy to hear you !